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Sensible strategies

Being a strong advocate doesn't mean being domineering or tactless. The most effective attorneys know that a diplomatic demeanor and a calculated plan go much further in the courtroom.

Passionate representation

Though shrewd and poised representation is important, it does nothing without strength and fire. When a case gets heated, I'm always ready to go - I've never been afraid of a challenge.

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"Even a small conviction can affect you for the rest of your life. That's why you can't surrender. That's why you can't take the first offer."


Some may try to tell you that you're going to be convicted no matter what, so you might as well plead guilty and take a lesser sentence. Do not listen to those people. They are either misinformed or do not have your best interests at heart.

A conviction can impact your ability to secure a job, find housing, and carry firearms for years to come. It is not something you want on your record, particularly if you're innocent. I protect my clients from agreeing to unfair plea bargains, and when pleading guilty is the only practical option left, I still work to negotiate the best possible terms.

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The Baker Difference

The Baker Difference


I explain the legal process in a clear and concise manner. After all, this is your life, and you should understand exactly how the law affects it.


Some people say you shouldn't bring your work home, but I carry my clients and their stories with me. Each one touches me personally.


It feels good to win, but it feels even better to win ethically. I've been achieving steady results for eight years without any lies or deceit.

Ms. Baker was most efficient, and aided in the successful outcome of my case. She was knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Damon A.

Tifanee was able to quickly help me get a ticket dismissed and the other reduced to a lesser speed and a much lower fine. I know the next time I collect another ticket, Tifanee will be right there to help me!

Brandon M.

We beat my case thanks to her knowledge, wisdom, and determination. She will go above and beyond to beat your case.

Devawn A.

The verdict should not be influenced by your
race, social class, or personal history.

If person A and person B have the same charges against them, you'd think each would receive the same punishment. Well, that's not always true. Many factors can affect a sentence, but an individual's race, social class, and personal history should not be any of them. Unfortunately, though, they are often some of the aspects considered.

Putting an individual's life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness under siege because the person is poor, a minority, or has a previous criminal record is not okay.

The legal system needs to change, and my goal is to help lead the movement. It's actually one of the biggest reasons why I became an attorney. I've always had a clear motto, and it goes like this: "If you don't like the way things are, infiltrate the organization and change it."

Clients sense this passion within me, and even when the worst of the worst happens, they always know I fought my hardest for them. Many of my court-appointed clients have never received this type of advocacy before, which is a shame. At my firm, I don't put a price tag on quality.

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